Dorothea is a photograph indexing system.  It builds web sites from a collection of images and allows users to enter and adjust meta data displayed about the photos from web pages.  Index pages are generated automatically, but human edited pages can also be introduce and links maintained.  Works for multiple users and multiple databases.

The meta data is stored in a MySQL Database.  All image work is done with Imagemagick.  The tools is collection of perl scripts and protocols.  HTML is read and written using libwww and few other bits.  All content is stored on disk as .html files and images and can be served in isolation of the tools.  An example site using the tool is currently running:

Example editing screens:

View Page
Generated Page

The HTML for this page is generated from the content in the database.  The layout is currently static, but I hope to some day add styling so that you can change the look.

At the bottom of the page are chains of links that link to the pages that get you hear and pages that get to those pages up to the site root.
Editing Meta Data
Editing A Photo's Meta Data

The data attached to the image can be viewed and changed online (with authentication).  Currently the meta enumerations are:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Lens Data
  • Film Data
  • Date
  • Camera
  • Photographer

Editing Links
Links between pages

Index pages (pages that link to managed images) are parsed and the linkages are managed to form the link chains on the bottom of the managed image pages.  You can choose to ignore links.

Edit All images on an index page

To aid in adding many images, you can selectivly add meta data to all images in a directory.
Search Searching Content

Using MySQL's search features, you can search the descriptions and titles of images and the content of the index pages.  Includes back links for images to give context to the photos.

Edit Meta Data

Add a new type of camera, a new type of film or other enumeration.  Add new date fields.  Includes a count of how many times the meta enum is used in content.

This software is in the Alpha testing stage.  It runs my personal web page with a few thousand images.  I would love to hear from other people interested in using this software.  For an easier solution, you probably want to check out Gallery.

This project is hosted on SourceForge: Logo